(Buy 1 Give 1) Lemputu - Step Into Your Magnificence

(Buy 1 Give 1) Lemputu - Step Into Your Magnificence

2 Copies:

One for you and one for a loved one to honour the Divine Energy of Giving and Receiving which bursts from these pages.


Under radiant moonlight, deep in the Balinese jungle, this book was birthed.


Ancient prehistoric tree ferns, The LemPutu, with over 145 million years of evolutionary wisdom surrounded Silver and guided these perception-altering insights into words. Mantras that are full-blown transformative experiences.


This unique creation is unlike any book on the market today, it’s subtle but explosive energy invites powerful self reflections and shifts the readers awareness to more connected depths of curiosity on their journey.


This book is about Connection. Please feel encouraged to share a special place and time to explore it with a child. 


You are welcome to journal/draw or express within it!


Open up a deeper more sublime Co-Creative space within yourself and the wisdom of nature.


Every book sold will give the gift of sight to local people and the protection of species and habitat in Bali, where the book was born.


    Softcover 165 x 165mm


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