Indulgence is Silver’s first solo album.

A timeless blend of acoustic, dub, electronica and soundscapes that attempts to be nothing else other than what is, in that moment of the unadulterated freedom of co-creation.


After all true Art is found in the indulgence of the Artists fullest expression of self. The result: Pure indulgent spontaneous magic that excites and activates the Soul.


Before Spirituality there was music.


Ten years on after releasing the perfection and retrieving the lost files his Soul has been re-ignited with a new-found love and passion for the art of musical expression.


Silver is an experiential artist who loves to co-create combining all forms of art to activate deeper levels of Connection and Transformation.


INDULGENCE also Features session musicians Michael Magg and guest vocalists Chiara Schilska, Barbara Bresseau and Tony King.



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